Joei Deluxxxe


The Call For Caboose!

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Joei has a booty partner that likes to call her up to get his freak on. He dials her number and talks all kinds of dirty to her to get her riled up. He likes to think that he is the man and that he has mad game because when he rings her, she comes over and jumps on his dick, but the truth is, Joei is running things. 'You have to let men think that they are in charge,' she says, laughing. 'You have to let them think that they are 'The Man' when it comes to sex and booty calls. But the truth is, that I am the one in charge. I want him to call me and he does. I want to throw this ass on him nice and nasty, and I do. And after I am satisfied and I have been thoroughly fucked and thoroughly tasted, I leave and he just has to deal with that. And you know what? He keeps on coming back for you tell me who holds the power in this situation. I think I do. 'Cause I got this big ole booty supply and he is the one who is doin' all the demanding!'

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