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Posted By Admin on 10/27/18 - Bookmark Butt Bender

It used to be that there was Whale Tail everywhere. The mall was pretty much a guaranteed place to see chicks walking around with their thongs up high, their jeans riding low, and a tramp stamp tattoo in view. It was the perfect combination of things for identifying who the trashy girls were. Hell, even some of the not as naughty babes rocked 2 out of the 3 sometimes.

If you are like me and miss the good old days, you might be interested to save 26% with a Whale Tail’N discount. You will get to see hot skanks bending over and having their g-strings pulled aside so that big cock can plunder their pussy and some even dive deep into the ass.

The deal will also get you into an enormous network. There is more than 15 years of porn inside with updates still coming in every single day. All of the new stuff is shot in 4K Ultra HD.

If that still isn’t enough, you can also get deals to more booty sites with a Wankz discount for up to 78% off.

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Posted By Admin on 10/09/18 - Bookmark Butt Bender

There have been a variety of misconceptions regarding aged cougars who are looking for more youthful dicks to satisfy their older pussies. You have to give them credit even if you think it’s not right that an older woman should be with a much younger man. If it’s alright for a man to do it, why not a woman? I think you know full well with the movement the way it is these days women are going to get anything that they want.

Part of the sad truth is older men simply can’t satisfy cougar pussy like they want. They don’t have the energy for it and although they try their best it just isn’t enough. It is for that very reason that they’re looking for young men who bring the strength and the energy that they want. These aged cougars aren’t seeking to get emotionally tangled up, they don’t want a boring relationship that doesn’t pleasure them in the way that they want. They just want a stiff, hard dick that can provide them with the multiple orgasms that they are looking for. If you’re serious about meeting elderly cougars, you will need to focus as much as you can and move onto the next factors below. These can make or break your desire to find older pussy.

Find the appropriate platform

There are lots of fraudulent websites that supposedly focus on folks looking for aged cougars. Right from the get go if something doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Most of the time you can tell as soon as you land on the homepage if it is a dating site that is worth your time. If you join up and instantly get messages sent to you from gorgeous looking cougars, it’s a trap. These are auto spam messages sent out from fake accounts that make it seem like someone is interested in you. 

Play the volumes game

CougarDating is all about hitting your mark and making the most of it. Once you’ve made what you think is the perfect profile it’s now time to put it to good use. Send out as many messages as you can, it doesn’t matter if you think that the girls will be coming to you, so why should you waste your time sending the messages out? simple, the more you send the more chance that your cock will be banging a cougar pussy tonight!


You shouldn’t be shy

Like I said, step your game up. This implies crawling out of your shell and putting your best foot, or cock for that matter forward. Despite the fact that you might be shy in person, this is all about putting across that confidence that we know that you have buried deep down inside you.

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Posted By Admin on 10/03/18 - Bookmark Butt Bender

Pretty cool pic right? I’m glad they didn’t destroy it with Photoshop as they so often do. If you haven’t really noticed then go check some other pics and you’ll notice that you’ll never see skin pores and definitely never goose bumps, they shop it out. Make the skin look like porcelain, completely ‘blemish’ free. I prefer it au naturel and this pic is a great example why.

And of course as you can see this is a site from the Reality Kings stable so you know it’s ex-fucking-ceptional.

The most impressive part: you can get an 83% off Round and Brown discount which is completely absurd if you consider that you will never get a discount like that on anything else in your life. Can you imagine getting a discount like that on a TV, or your groceries bill?

Adding on top of that and in no small way they’ll be throwing in the rest of the network’s sites for free. Yeah you read that right. Effectively you are getting a membership to the entire network’s site for next to nothing.

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