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Posted By Admin on 05/27/19 - Bookmark Butt Bender

Looking at this anal addicted teen slut from Tushy Raw sure is making my cock stand to attention. She has a real passion for taking it up the ass and it sure does show when she is working it for the camera.

You can tell when a girl likes her anal more than anything else in the world. You just have to listen to her moaning with pleasure as she takes a big cock and anything else that might be able to fit up her tight arse. I never miss out on a chance to see more teen anal sex and when I find something worth sharing that’s just what I will do.

I think so far you have really enjoyed what has been on offer and just for being a good guy I have a few more movies from Tushy Raw that I want you guys to be able to see. It won’t take up too much of your time and trust me it is going to be worth it.

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Posted By Rhino on 05/07/19 - Bookmark Butt Bender

So many times I am talking to a buddy and his stupid bitch-cunt of a wife, or a girlfriend decides to chime in and tell me how much of an asshole I am when it comes to my views on women. Well boo-fucking-hoo! Don’t try to trump my right to free speech. In fact, don’t try and tread on any of my rights. I will defend them. Like my right to call a slut a slut.

Now I am not saying all sluts are total whores or anything like that. In fact I am saying the opposite. There are plenty of fine sluts out there who deserve your cum and Gina Valentina is one of them. She has a fabulous body. A think waist with thick hips and nice titties. Her lips were made for sucking dick. She has the face of an angel and I wouldn’t mind shooting a nice hot cum load all over it.

Gina isn’t the only slut worthy of my dick though. There are plenty of girls on Thickumz that I consider worthy of my cum. One thing I cannot do, though, no matter how hot the babes are is pay full price. I go to oil-change-shops that give me a free car wash. I buy in bulk. So it is no wonder I jumped on the chance to buy when I found this discount of up to 66% off on Thickumz. Don’t feel like a chump for saving cash. Even Warren Buffet makes sure not to spend money frivelously. So get your grove on and save some cash tonight. Nobody has to know except for your accountant.

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