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Porn is great, porn is good, and I’m really thankful when I’m in a horny mood. Some people are super thankful for their friends and family or turkey this time of year but I’m more grateful for living in the best porn-era in modern history. In the past, we’d have to wait for slow-ass modems to bring us half of a pixelated titty, but now we can stream HD perfection. I’m happy to be alive and jerking off like our forefathers could only dream of. I’m a lucky dude.

But just because we have all this porn doesn’t mean all the porn is good or worth your time and money. I’m a busy guy and I don’t feel like doing research on which sites have the best content or the best overall value. There are review sites for that. Check out this full Mofos review with a discount, plus these porn bookmarks. There are some seriously good resources out there and these are great places to start. Click those links and see for yourself.

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The subject of a relationship is elaborate. We all have our personal experience and notion about what makes a relationship healthy. Intimacy in a relationship is what makes it enjoyable and strengthens the bond between two lovers. Ideally, the five key elements defining an intimate relationship are precise and clear. Every man or woman should look out for these elements to tell if their relationship is working or heading sideways.

According to ‘Intimate Relationships,’ psychology masterpiece done by Miller (2014), we can derive some elements of an intimate relationship. Read through to find out what you should concentrate on if you intend to make your relationship lively and lasting.


Responsiveness is the most fundamental element of an intimate relationship. A healthy relationship is one that involves responsive partners. Every partner should be available to support their better half when things get complicated. In times of sorrow and happiness, they must be ready to console and offer comfort to their loved ones. One develops a feeling of appreciation if they notice that their partners are responsive. Hold your partner as you do to your sex doll ass you had before the two of you met.


Mutuality happens when you begin doing things like a union. In most cases, your partner will change from identifying themselves in person to using general terms like “We” to refer to your union. For instance, your partner will say, ‘we are going for dinner this Sunday’ instead of ‘Dan and I will be going for dinner this weekend.’ Mutuality is an element that develops with time when those in a relationship feel emotionally attached.


Care is another essential element of an intimate relationship. Intimate partners must exhibit exceptional levels of care for each other. The level of care should exceed the ordinary care we show for those around us. Therefore, intimate partners should show concern for each other in times of sorrow, distress, and difficulties. While the expression of care may differ, those in a close relationship tend to be selfless and genuine in their interpretation of care and love.


Ideally, all the elements of intimate relationships thrive when there is commitment. When both partners are committed to seeing their relationship grow and develop to something tangible, nothing can stop them on the way. Commitment pushes partners to achieve their relationship goals. They form a mutual feeling that they should mold their relationship to last longer.


Trust is another essential element of an intimate relationship. Trust removes the feeling of being insecure in a relationship. If your partners trust you, they will always feel comfortable staying close to you. They can count on your word because they have developed confidence in what you say. Without trust, no relationship can last longer.


The critical elements of intimate relationships intertwine. Just as you appreciate your sex doll torsos you buy from Sexdollslove, so must you understand what you have in common with your partner. It is essential to recognize that for any relationship to last longer, all the five elements discussed here must be present. You must be responsive, caring, trustworthy, committed, and develop mutuality for each other if you want your intimate relationship to grow.

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