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Bubble Butt Orgy Violation

Alright there, Missy. Up against the wall and spread em!

This hoes ass should be illegal. It is impossible that she can walk down a typical street in New York without creating a pubic disturbance with ebony cheeks that big.

If you like your booty thick, brown and round with an occasional white bitch thrown in for good measure then you need to get yourself a pass to Bubble Butt Orgy.

The bros at should be winning some of kind awards. They bring in five phat booty hoes to bump and grind for the camera. Add in a jacuzzi and top it off with some champagne and things get a lot twisted!

Some updates get so freaky that they require seven cum hungry hoes. Every hole penetrated, these bitches are leaking liquids from every orafice. Bubble Butt Orgy is insane!

This shit just gets better and better too. With your password to you also get access to 15 more websites these guys run! The niches cover a wide range but all of them are geared towards open minded guys who want a freak in the bed.

Take the Bubble Butt Orgy tiral for three days. I guarantee you won’t cancel because the amount of content here is so large you are gonna come back to Butt Bender to comment on how good it is!

Find More Bubble Butt Orgy!

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Tiffany4You Tiffany4You
Tiffany4You Tiffany4You

Why are women so silly about their booties? As you can get a sense for it in the two pictures on the right, Tiffany here has one hell of a nice booty. It is big and round. Sadly she made me promise I wouldn’t use any of her phat booty pics for this post. I don’t get it. She has a lovely ass. But you know how women get. One thing is for sure though, she don’t mind sharing that fabulous ass with you when you get her in a private show!

Of course you don’t have to get her in a private show to see her rock that body in a bikini. I hit up Tiffany4You on her free xxx chat cam and she flashed me her tits before showing me just how wet her pussy slit was. Then she licked her own love juice off of her fingers. Hot!

There are always dozens of plus sized ladies on their BBW webcams at One of the many benefits of being a member is that you can have them tell you when your BBW fav is online. That way you don’t have to guess when she will be back again. But if you don’t want to wait for her she won’t be mad if you hit up one of her many hot friends for some steamy chat.

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Extreme Asses Tyana

Are you fucking serious?!?!

Jesus, does this bitch have ass extensions on or something? This ebony honey is living proof that black women have some of the hottest Extreme Asses on the planet!

To the average white guy that ass looks a little jiggly but I will let you in on a little secret there, white guy, that ass is hard as a rock about 1 inch underneath the flesh. And that is why black booty is so damn coveted. It looks flabby but it is actually extremely juicy and ripe for some slappin.

I got my first piece of thick ebony ass from a girl I used to work with. I always figured her ass must be like jello jigglers until one day she sat on my lap and I was like, WOW! This shit is hard as a rock, wtf? We setup a meeting at the hotel across the street after work and I got the ride of my life. Before Miss Classy I never gave much of a thought to extreme asses but now I cannot get enough of them!

At you get weekly updates of both Extreme Ass Videos and Wide Booty pictures. Plus Extreme Asses is part of a larger network. That means your password to is going to get you into 19+ websites (and counting) with one low price. The other sites cover a broad range of niches including Milf, Cumshots, Lesbians, Big Tits, Brazillian Amateurs, Trannys, Gay Lifestyle and VIP Parties.

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40 Inch Plus Ashley

That gorgeous piece of thick booty belongs to Ashley from 40 Inch Plus. At 40 Inch Plus the theme is pretty evident, chicks with 40 inches or more around the ass.

I am not sure why guys like a thick ass. Perhaps it is because we like getting extra when ever we can get it and the girls at have plenty of thick ass for the taking.

Ashley is from Hawaii, which also just happens to be the capital of wide asses. If you have never been to a Hawaiian beach I suggest you do so. There is so much tan spankable booty in Hawaii it is crazy! And I am not just talking about the natives

40 Inch Plus has weekly updates and is part of a larger network. That means your password to is going to get you into 19+ websites (and counting) with one low price. The other sites cover a broad range of niches including Milf, Cumshots, Lesbians, Big Tits, Brazillian Amateurs, Trannys, Gay Lifestyle and VIP Parties. You can read more about it at

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Ass Parade Fish

Marco… Polo… Marco… Fish out of water?

Bam! Gotcha! Three thick and juicy booties for the taking! Argggh!

Meat the girls of Ass Parade, a website dedicated to women who are thick in the backside.

Writing about is hard. And I mean hard. I can’t stop thinking about oiling up the thick cheeks on the right and then rubbing my cock on ’em. Feeling the head of my cock on those ass cheeks after being warmed in the sun. Moving the head of my cock in valley between her cheeks and feeling like my knees are gonna buckle.

I am willing to bet you that this girl has one hell of a pussy. Fucking her from behind with that ass up the air like that would be a heavenly ride. Watching her hard oily nipples slide erect against the rubber raft would be nothing short of devine.

The boat is ready and the ass parade is about to start, get ready for the voyage of a lifetime!

Remember to Bookmark Butt Bender!

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Black Beach Videos

So your a player huh? Yup… Got your rims and your cars all lowered and your pants are too… Yeah, you’s a player and a pimp at the same time… in the same instance… yup… you get on with your big bad self. You don’t need my blog… now git!

Ohh… What’s that? You aren’t no player? You came here to learn somethin? Shiiiiiit! Since when? OK… Guess I’ll stop knockin ya before I lose your sorry ass foreva…

You done seen those white ass bitches acting like the freshman they are at Girl Gone Wild. Stupid ass cunts don’t even know how to wipe themselves correctly… That is front to back dear, don’t want shit in your vagina now do we? Skinny speghetti bitches with no ass to speak of.

Enter the peeps at Black Beach Videos. They know what we want. Ebony skin wrapped around a nice phat-ass! Something you can sink your fingers into. Somethin finger lickin goooood!

Yeah.. It is raw and pretty amateur looking, but you know what? I don’t give a fuck… You know why? Because has the real shit you can’t get in your daddy’s porn videos. When is the last time the GGW people went to Black Bike Week? How about the last time they showed up to a Kappa Beach Party? Never.

You want to see some fine ass hoes getting raw for the camera? Get your password then, bro, this ebony booty is off the mutha fuckin chain!

Find More Black Beach Videos!

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Ass worship with Carmella Bing

Anybody with a grip of cash and a libido on crack can perform some ass worship. Hot babes like Carmella Bing are plenty happy to display them cheeks and receive the love. But I don’t like paying for shit and I am sure you don’t enjoy coughing up the cash anymore than I do. So for people like us there is a nifty little service that lets us watch free porn movies to our hearts content. It is called and it is growing at the speed of light.

The site isn’t limited to wide asses like Carmella has. You can watch extremely long tube videos in every niche you can think of. By extremely long I am talking entire DVD’s long. No scenes are censored in any way. You get the entire movie from beginning to end.

At this point you are probably wondering, "Carmella’s ass is plenty good and I don’t mind worshipping the fuck out of it, but what is the catch bro?"

Believe me, I was skeptical too. This is one of those time where you just have to trust me. You can’t even put a credit card anywhere on this site. It is legit and you literally get your porn for free. Stop reading my review and start experiencing what free ass worship porn feels like.

If I can say so myself… it feels damn gooooood!

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You might think that your chances of having sex with an adult film star like Vanilla Deville are slim to none, but you’d be wrong. Even Shmoe’s like you and I can experience the unique experience usually reserved for ripped guys in the porn industry.

How is this even possible? Read on and I will tell you.

Vanilla performs in a new chat product called Gold Shows. Instead of paying her $150 yourself you split the cost with everyone else in her chat room. I watched this show for $5! She gets just as dirty and slutty as she ever has in her movies. I will admit that I also tipped her an extra $25 to watch her double pump her pussy and asshole with some dildos. But then I also got to watch other devious requests from my fellow bastards. LOL

Before the gold shows start models often do some very hot warms ups generating buzz in the room. Vanilla treated us to some awesome views of her pussy, huge tits and shapely ass during her free cyber sex chat on GuiltyChat. Anybody is free to watch those shows. You don’t even have to join!

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She is working that vibrator up her snatch thinking about your big fat cock tickling her G-spot and her cervix. Later on she moves that hand on her boobs to her clit while she dreams of your sack spanking her love button. Between the vibrator and the finger dance she cums, but never as hard as when you are inside her.

Give that phat booty babe of yours some sex toys from ToyOrgasmic so she can think about you when you aren’t there. Studies have shown that women who pleasure themselves learn how to be better lovers. Once she knows what really works good she can show you how to pound that pussy in ways no woman can get over. She will crave your cock more and more as she uses the tools of self exploration that you provided.

A true player strikes while the iron is hot and the prices are low. Be a player at by taking advantage of their ultra low prices. They have to move out the Winter Holidays overstock and give everyone a chance to get their lover something for Valentines Day.

Get her something tonight and receive it before the big day comes!

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This video was obviously meant for her boyfriend’s eyes only. What she didn’t realize was the depths of despair her eventual breakup with her boyfriend would cause. When he was sure it was over and there was no way to get her back with him he posted this video at a homemade sex video site called GFLot.

You can go there by following this link to the girl next door shaking her ass video clip. At four minutes long it isn’t the longest video there by any means. Many of them go for twenty to thirty minutes, or even longer. It is a true amateur video though and that is why I love it. has hundreds of videos like this one. You don’t have to join the site to watch them either. In fact, you can’t join the site because there is no way to join. It is 100% free!

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Getting tired of watching one minute clips? I am too. I am also getting tired of watching grainy free videos that look like crap. I want to see the cellulite on that phat ass. And I don’t want to pay a single red cent to watch those videos.

I haven’t paid for porn since I started watching free videos at Pornorama. Don’t worry about cops knocking down your door or media company lawyers exposing you in some seedy lawsuit for stealing porn on the Internet. That isn’t going to happen because this is a legal tube. All of the videos are licensed and paid for through advertising.

You can watch your favorite Pornorama videos and think of this tube site that same way you think of your T.V. set. With your DVR you can ignore the ads while watching Law and Order SVU, so tune out the ads and focus on the bitch getting fucked up her wide ass!

No need to break the law when these guys are giving porn away!

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You are going to own me big time for this one, bro! I found this hot babe shacking her booty on webcam and I have to say, she is at least an eight in my book which puts her way out of both of our leagues!


What made this model doubly fun is that she started letting it all hang out for no money. I am talking free. I keep telling people you can find plenty of free pussy on webcams, but nobody listens. A buddy at work told me he dropped four bills in one night on a girl once. WTF?

Fuck that shit, bro. has plenty of hot babes with some nice booty exposing themselves to be dropping that kind of mad cash.

Check this out:


Out of fucking nowhere she starts rubbing her pussy for me!

Like I said, plenty of hot live sex chat for free. If you are paying for it you are a sucker. I am not saying I haven’t dropped a few bucks into a girls cyber-panties here and there, but benjamins? Fuck me! Not when girls are masturbating for me without me even tipping them.

Check it out and move through the rooms. Treat it like speed dating. Read profiles. Tag girls that are flirty and especially tag them if they are drinking wine while web caming. Those are the nastiest bitches online!

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Sophie Dee Has A Huge Ass - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube - BedRoomMedia

When Sophie Dee says it is time to munch on her big phat ass guess what? It is time to rock that booty with your tongue like a good boy. After all, it isn’t every day that this blue eyed beauty asks you to lick her ass before fucking her tight little cunt!

Would you believe you can watch this video for free if I told you? How about seeing it for your own eyes then? Click right on her phat booty and watch all thirty-six sexy minutes of her video along with more free porn videos online.

Videos are tagged so you can search for just about anything in the porn realm. They even have them tagged by the porn stars in them. Check out the Sophie Dee videos page and watch every last one of them!

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I have seen my fare share of wide asses in my time. The best ones are the ones where you can accurately visualize how thick and juicy they are from the front as apposed to the rear. I found this wide ass babe on my new favorite site Why is it my new favorite? Read on.

My mom and pop always asked me the same question growing up, "What is in a name?" That question has many contexts. It can embody your character – your makeup. It can also refer to the simple fact that your actual name can speak volumes for you.

For instance, adult sex cams. You know exactly what you are getting here. Now add in the .me extension. Yeah. It is a done deal. You are getting some outrageous porn!

So finding wide bottom girls like xMissEllix at is not all that surprising. She isn’t going to be on some busted-ass site. She is going to be on the best site out there, filled with the best girls out there.

Now if you will excuse me Miss Elli and I have some unfinished business!

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PerfectCam - Sexy_Texan's Profile

You have probably heard the saying that they do it bigger in Texas. After spending some time with this sexy Texan I have to agree. I haven’t seen a better big booty web cam model in my life.

Fans of ladies with a wider booty will find the BBW webcam models at sexy chat more than worth their weight in gold. With hundreds of BBW models and forty online when I last checked the site can easily quench your need for juicy butt girls.

Maybe the BBW category is a little bigger than you wanted to go. Don’t worry. They have plenty of top heavy ladies with a phat ass to match their big racks. No matter what your favorite niche or sub-niche is they have a dozen or more models online at any given time.

Get your grove on with some honey that knows how to move!

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Sperm Is So YUMMY!
Phat Booty Cams
Hot Booty Wow Girls

If you want an instant turn on I’m sure that Maria Pie and other models from wow porn will give you just that and perhaps a little more. By now most of you should know what cock hungry stunner Maria is, I swear she was made just to suck and fuck for the camera. She has a super tight looking butt on her and you get to see plenty of it as she bounces around on camera.

It’s surprising that wow girls has so many gorgeous babes on their wicked site. It’s like they have a six sense for finding horny euro girls that want to get down and dirty on camera for them. From hot butts banged hard on camera to seductive girls sharing a sexual experience that will blow your mind, wow porn has all of that and much more. Now you have no excuse for not getting an instant boner when you need one of the most.