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Posted By Rhino on 11/17/06 - Bookmark Butt Bender
Booty Boot Camp Crystal

The ass on this bitch is just ridiculous . . . Crystal has one of the biggest booties I have ever seen on a chick. I have heard that black chicks have some of the biggest asses out there but this one is the queen of all big booty’s.

If you’re a lover of phat asses then you have to check out booty boot camp, it was made for guys like you and I that just enjoy a girl with some junk in the trunk. All the girls on are built like brick houses they have asses so big and tight that if you bounce a quarter on them it will go straight up to the moon.

They have nothing but ebony chicks with round butts and thick hips, some of the girls like Crystal have asses so wide and big that they make the 10-inch cock that they are riding look like it belongs in the Guinness world book of records for smallest penis ever. At booty boot camp they have weekly black on black freak fest, where some slut is going to end up getting a face full of cum.

At booty boot camp they take pride in them selves in recruiting girls with big asses one at a time, so you can enjoy them at your pleasure. The best part is that when you join they are part of the bend over network and they have 4 other booty sites that you can enjoy, for the price of just joining

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Ass Like That

Finally a site that is made for the guys out there who like to see some ghetto booty, just take a look at Beauty Dior and her thick as booty if that is not a ghetto booty then I don’t know what is.

At they have nothing but sexy black babes that all have one thing in common and that is that they all have big black bubble butts. Beauty Dior is a ghetto princess with an ass so big and tight that it basically claps nonstop. The whole time I was watching the trailer, when she was getting fucked there was a constant clapping going on, that is a sign of some ass like that certified ass.

What I like the most about the ass like that other then all the round ebony ass is that they give you a huge selection of girls not just your dark chocolate honey, they also have some of the hottest light skinned bootylicious girls, I have ever seen on the net. They have all original footage of exclusive sexy black asses just waiting for you to enjoy, and if you want to put one of those phat asses on your as your screen saver they also have thousands of high quality photos. So join now and get access to for less then a dollar a day and get access to 8 exclusive sites for free when you join.

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Ass Arsenal

Whoever said that white girls have no booty has never met Bella and her fat booty before. I found her on in her plastic panties, she was something else I tell ya, she took on three cocks in her scene.

On Ass Arsenal you will find exclusive videos of the finest asses available to you on the net. They have just total wild orgies on every one of their episodes, you can watch the girls squeeze up to four dicks into their mouths at one time, I would pay just to see that shit. Every ass on the site is so tight so round and so fuckable that it makes you think " Dam I wish I had found this site sooner.”

Ass arsenal is the net’s premier hardcore XXX video downloads site, their content grows bigger and bigger every week with all new sexy ass bitches for you to see. I guarantee you have never seen girls behaving as naughty as they do on As of right now if you become a ass arsenal member you will get access to a network that contains… 5,914 videos, 1,185 DVD’s, more than 1,947 hours of video and about 100,000 photos of girls with gorgeous butts.

I am telling you if you like to see wild threesomes, hardcore sex scenes, huge facials, deep throat blow jobs and a ton more shit then you need to join

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Adult Rio

There is no place in the world like Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, where else can you find that tight sexy butt. Brazil has some of the sexiest women with the finest asses, so it was only fitting that someone had to make a site called Adult Rio just to bring them all to you.

Adult Rio has the finest Latin babes with that classic large ass that are ready to expose everything just for you. I am telling you they have exclusive exotic honey’s that have never been on a video until now. These guys seek the finest most fuck able asses from around the Rio De Janeiro and bring them to the comfort of your home.

At they have by far the best trial I have ever seen before. For exactly one dollar you get access to the site for a total of 3 days, that’s less than 35 cents a day, where else can you travel to a foreign land and enjoy their women for a price like that. When you do decide to join, you would get access to 8 more great sites for the price of one.So stop wasting your time imagining what the asses in Brazil look like and spend that time watching them live and in your face.

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40 Inch Plus

Well what can I tell you about 40 inch plus that you have not heard or read yet? There is not much but the fact that it is still the cream of the crop when it comes to showing you huge asses in all their natural beauty.

At you will find the juiciest most mouth watering butts you have ever laid your eyes on. The site is 100% original they film all there content themselves, and you will not see it anywhere else. It’s the only place to where you can see an ass like Alicia‘s who has a robust 45 inch rump. All of the movies on 40 Inch Plus are in wmv and mpg format, so they are 100% completely downloadable to your hard drive. Now you can enjoy these 40 inch asses on the go, at your leisure, you can even convert them for your IPOD.

The best part of is that it is part of the Nasty Dollars network, which has 20 of the worlds finest sites that are completely custom sites. The entire Nasty Dollars network is yours for a low low price of less then a dollar a day when you sign up at I don’t know any where else where you can spend a dollar and get that much value for your buck.

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Thick Coeds

This post goes out to all of the guys who enjoyed Rawcklin from Butt Jungle. It is time to introduce you to the premier website dealing exclusively in thick, juicy, wide, ebony ass,!

You won’t find any skinny scrony bitches like Nicole Richie on this Phat Ebony Booty site. What you will find is some of the finest examples of black thunder! Juicy meaty legs topped off with an even juicier and meatier ass. 100% all natural, these girls are hand fed, spoon fed, shovel fed… Only the most delicious meats, greens, vegetables, fruits, entres, orderves, side orders, you get the idea. All of those calories stored up like kinetic energy just waiting to explode on your cock. is for the truest of true ass men. This website was designed with your higher standards in mind. There aren’t any fake, implanted bitches here. Thick Coeds doesn’t use camera tricks or touch up the photos with software. These babes are exactly as God intended. Thick and Sexy!

Thick Coeds updates weekly with thick rump shaking videos and picture sets. Take the tour and meet some of the girls for yourself. Take advantage of the 2 day trial. Full membership gets you full access to the entire 15 site network!

Make sure to watch the preview video on the tour and I’ll see you inside the members area.

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Extreme Asses

Finally an ass site that brings you not just big asses or fat asses, they give you extreme asses. Those are the asses that make you break your neck as they go past you, that’s how much attention extreme asses demand. brings you girls with asses so huge that when the ass walks past you the ass just swings back and forth like a porch swing. When they go looking for girls like Victoria they have to make sure they stock up on the baby oil because with an ass that big it takes more then one bottle to lube that baby.

So if you don’t have time to go looking for extreme asses yourself, with all the work you have, then you need to check out the site that was made just for you They bring a new huge ass every week and they film all of their content themselves, no one has pictures and movies like them.

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Ass Traffic

The sexiest thing ever is a hot teen in her school girl uniform, the plaid skirt with the thigh high stockings and an ass so firm and round that when she walks the skirt lifts a bit to show the bottom of her amazing cheeks.

Now imagine that girl bent over infront of you and what you get is that girl in the picture. There’s only one place you can find an ass like that and that is They worship the beauty of the round firm female ass. They find a brand-new hottie every week with a tight ass and then inject it with the biggest cock they have.

Look at the matching G-string if that shit doesn’t make your heart beat faster then maybe putting the volume up all the way as you watch her fine ass getting smashed and when she starts to moan and beg for more hopefully the noise doesn’t wake up your wife because that will make your heart beat faster.

So save your self the drama and get your pass to right now and when you finally get rid of your girl for a couple of hours because each scene contains up to 40 mins of hot raunchy anal action you can take your time and enjoy that bitch taking it.

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Bubble Butt Orgy

Big brown and round is exactly what you get at the craziest website on the net.

Why is the craziest site on the net? Well that’s because they give you more then one fat ebony booty at every episode. They have at least 5 girls with fat brown butts in every episode getting worked just the way you like it. They go out and find a number of bubble butt freaks and bring them all together and just have one big ass orgy.

So why settle for all those big butt sites that only want to show you 1 big bubble booty a week, when you can get 5-7 girls with humongous brown buns for the price of 1 . Sign up now and get your pass to a site that is a one of its kind. In addition when you sign up to you will also get access to 27 sites all together.

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Amazing Cheeks

Now that looks yummy, does a piece of that come with a glass of milk.

We have all seen some nice pieces of ass in our times, whether it’s a bitch walking down the street with an ass so large that you can’t help but look even though your girl is right next to you. It could even be someone on tv that has a famous ass like Beyonce.

The thing that makes those asses look so big and juicy is that they have amazing cheeks. The cheeks are the things that determine if the slut is going to have a phat ass or a flat ass. Just take a look at the girls around you, does their ass only look nice and round when they bend over or is it nice and round all the time. A girl with amazing cheeks has that ass that looks round from top to bottom.

So if you’re tired of your girl always catching you checking out that girl in front of you with that bubble butt, then you need to get your pass that way when she is not with you, you can see as many asses as your cock can handle.

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Bend Over Videos

Have any four words ever been more true then those four?

Kelly thought it would be a great idea to let the guys over at write whatever they wanted on her huge ass. I mean surely they have so much space on those phat cheeks that back in the day they could have written the bill of rights on the left cheek and the declaration of independence on the right one.

The reason that Kelly is on bend over video is that she has one of the fattest asses ever seen by the guys. Kelly‘s ass is so phat that when you start fucking her doggie style it sounds like your banging one of those huge gongs at a temple. prides them selves on finding real amateur women like Kelly and turning them into video stars, in fact they have so many girls on there site that they decided to sell all their bitches on for you to enjoy any time, any place. So next time you see some bitch with a phat ass bending over in front of you just remember, you could have seen that phat ass on in all its natural beauty.

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Shower Booty
WOW . . . Now this is an ass worth writing about.

Meet the backside of Kory a big ass lovers dream. This whore stands at over 6 ft. tall and has an astonishing 51 inch ass. Her ass is so big that they rejected her at They told her that an ass that big would make all the bitches with 40 inch plus assess seem like they have pancake booty’s.

Kory has the perfect ass for, the site that is dedicated to all the people that enjoy suds dripping off a nice phat ass. There’s nothing like seeing a girl with an ass so large that their cheeks create a creek like effect and the water slowly drips down and into her pussy as she bends over to show you her dripping wet pussy.

So tired of seeing all those bitches with a flat ass all oiled up so it looks like they have some junk in the trunk. You want to see 100% amateur girls with assess so big they don’t have to oil them up just sud them up so it makes for a wet and wild ride, then get your membership to When you get your membership, you also get access to 7 other sites for the price of just that one.

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Big Wet Butts

Now that is a nice thick, juicy not to mention very wet booty. Just take a look at how wet that ass is.

I love to do big booty sites and every once in awhile I will come across a site that just blows my mind, and today that site is The creaters of this site just took every mans dream of having raw, nasty, wet sex with a girl with a lot of junk in da trunk. is where you are guaranteed to find the hottest, wettest asses any where. They have tons of thick whores with so much ass on them it should illegal and these bitches love to do incredibly nasty things to the big cocks fucking them.

You have to check out, they have so much more ass then you can handle. Members get updates every single day, they have over 750 gigs of downloadable content. All of there models are picked in function of their ass size. The best part is you also get acess to 11 sites for th price of one.

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Big Tits Round Asses

Dam I guess it is true everything is bigger in Texas.

Just take a look at Dede‘s huge round ass, it a prime of example on how much bigger things are there. I found Dede on, its a perfect combo of my two favorite things to talk about. Big tits and of course round asses. I have to give props to the briliant mind that brought us and that could be none other then the legend him self Dirty Sanchez.

The guys at got lucky in finding Dede and her fat round ass. You see the guys were walking in to a cafe shop when one of them spots Dede and her enormous tits walking around with some red neck. He got caught checking out her nice ass and huge boobs and she smiled at him, he knew it was on.

So lucky for us her boyfriend goes in to the restroom and they immediately change numbers. So the guys call her up and invites her over the house and right away the bitch is talkin about group sex and if he has any friends. Of course he does, so he calls up his boy and the dirty talk starts. In a matter of minutes she has her tities out talking about how much she loves to rub a cock in between the girls. Then came out her bubble ass and the next thing you know she is the one and only for all of us to enjoy.

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Big Tits Curvy Asses

This has to be the craziest thing I have seen on a reality site. I know that there is sites made especially for what is going on in the pic, but this is a big booty site. is where I found Carly who is a curvaceous Mexican, with a huge ass that you cant see right now due to the fact that her ass is swallowing the midget. I would seem like Carly probably needs to get her green card or Visa why else would she do what she is doing.

Dont get me wrong I think that little man right now looks like a straight pimp. Carly has to go one of the freakiest bitches that has ever been on This bitch took the little cock for a ride and at the end she even let him spoon feed her some of his man juice.

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Sperm Is So YUMMY!
Phat Booty Cams
Hot Booty Wow Girls

If you want an instant turn on I’m sure that Maria Pie and other models from wow porn will give you just that and perhaps a little more. By now most of you should know what cock hungry stunner Maria is, I swear she was made just to suck and fuck for the camera. She has a super tight looking butt on her and you get to see plenty of it as she bounces around on camera.

It’s surprising that wow girls has so many gorgeous babes on their wicked site. It’s like they have a six sense for finding horny euro girls that want to get down and dirty on camera for them. From hot butts banged hard on camera to seductive girls sharing a sexual experience that will blow your mind, wow porn has all of that and much more. Now you have no excuse for not getting an instant boner when you need one of the most.